Hakuba Snow Forecast and Weather Conditions

The Hakuba snow season runs from early December through to mid-May. Each year the resorts open at different times depending on snow conditions, of course. Usually the Hakuba ski season kicks off with Goryu/47 opening around Dec 10th but this year Happo One beat them to it by opening on December 6th.
For most Hakuba Ski Reports, the National Japanese Holiday of Golden Week brings the Hakuba Ski season to a close during the second week of May.

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Japan Snow and Hakuba’s unique weather pattern

Hakuba's close proximity to the Sea of Japan (Nihon Kai) and the position of the Kita Alps (Japan’s Northern Alps) make for a unique and strong winter flow of weather systems known as the Siberian flow.

The excellent powder in Hakuba is a result of this consistent Siberian flow creating lake-effect snow.

The high pressure system over Siberia and low pressure over the Pacific Ocean develops a constant flow of cold air which flows down over Japan.
As the cold dry air flows over the Japan Sea it picks up moisture until it becomes heavy in water content.

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Hakuba Real Estate – Lifestyle Investment

Skiing Japan is becoming more and more popular with international tourists choosing to the Japan snow fields for their annual ski holiday.
Whilst the number of foreign visitors to Hakuba continues to rise each year, the ski resorts in Hakuba remain mostly uncrowded as the domestic ski and snowboarder population continues to decline.
Over the last few years, interest Hakuba real estate has sky rocketed. The prospect of excellent powder snow and world class resorts is bringing tourists from all over the world.

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Cabin in Hakuba Cabin in Hakuba Cabin in Hakuba Cabin in Hakuba